3 Ways Small Businesses can Boost Valentine’s Day Sales Via Facebook

Valentine’s Day is one of the major spending holidays with an average spending of $13.19 billion annually. It is vital then for small business marketers to appropriately plan (digital) marketing strategies to boost sales leading up to the special day. Research shows Facebook remains the top social media platform businesses use due to its vast reach of up to 1.3 billion active users monthly. The recently updated nuanced gender options also means marketers are now able to specifically target their audiences.

Here are 3 ways in which Facebook can help spur sales for small businesses during the season of love.

1. Facebook Ads

A cost-effective solution to help increase your business visibility throughout the Facebook platform. It is crucial that you engage with your audiences quickly. Studies show that many plan their dates as early as a month before to avoid any hiccups. Competition is bound to be stiff, so you need to constantly be visible. A longer running campaign also means audiences are more exposed to your business, thus increasing possibility of amassing more sales eventually. By “liking” your ads, they are kept informed of your latest offers. More visibility and support through “likes” lend credibility to your business. With this trust in place, audiences are more likely to turn into customers, driving sales further.

2. Custom Audiences

Enables you to reach out and tailor your message to specific demographic in your existing contact list, who are likely to engage in your business. After all, Valentine’s Day is about mutual gifting between couples. If you deal with feminine products, you can still target the male audience, who will buy them as gifts. Additionally, to garner new people, you can create lookalike audiences. They are likely to be interested in your business too because they share similar characteristics with your custom audiences. Statistics show that by targeting the right people with the right messages, businesses have enjoyed as much as 6 times the return.

3. Facebook Offers

Allows you to share discounts with your audiences by posting an offer tab on your page. They click it and an email with discount coupons and instructions on usage at your store (physical/online) is sent. Alternatively, as adopted by Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, audiences just have to share the page on their timeline, or post it on a friend’s wall to redeem their offer. Facebook Offers can help motivate sales as 40.9% of audiences are always looking out for offers to stretch their dollar during the Valentine’s Day period.

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love through giving and receiving. With solid Facebook strategies, small businesses can partake in this celebration to achieve more sales.


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