BluSense Diagnostics

BluSense Diagnostics has developed a point-of-care blood testing platform for the diagnostics of dengue fever with the potential to be scaled to a whole range of other infectious diseases.

The platform is based on a reader, called BluBox, and a disposable blood test cartridge, called ViroTrack, that are specifically designed for targeting different viruses. BluBox is a portable (<3kg), user-friendly and affordable optical reader. The ViroTrack cartridge is a small plastic device embedding nanoparticles and microfluidics structures, the two building blocks of BluSense’s patented technology.

A ViroTrack cartridge requires only a single drop of blood, and is extremely simple to use, as all blood processing operations are automatically run inside the BluBox, without need of any additional tool or equipment. BluBox and ViroTrack can deliver the same diagnostics performance of equipment costing much more and that require skilled operators, laboratory facilities, and additional several laboratory equipment (pipettes, centrifuges, etc.).

With the goal to use the technology to improve the lives of people by providing better diagnostics, Filippo Bosco (CEO) and Marco Donolato (CSO) and Robert Burger (COO) joined together in 2014. BluSense Diagnostics is a spin out from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), where Marco and Filo was working on their PhD on biological sensor technologies using magnetic nanoparticles and Blu-Ray technology.


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