Colony – Pioneer of Luxury Co-working Space in Malaysia

Backed by Oak Drive Ventures, Cornerstone Partners and family offices in the region, Colony has raised RM20 million since its inception a year ago. The investment in the local firm founded by Timothy Tiah has led to their first highly successful co-working space: Colony @ Kia Peng.

Having enjoyed tremendous success and recognition as a co-working space brand in Malaysia, Colony has embarked onto a new chapter as the pioneer in luxury co-working here. Regal yet welcoming oak couch with billowy curtains, a serviced bar and cutting edge office technology awaits those with refined tastes seeking for a quiet and productive co-working space amidst the prime location of KL Eco City.

While Colony @ KL Eco City was only officially launched in July 2018, the space has already hit 60% occupancy rate; a figure close to its sister space in Colony @ Kia Peng which has a 70% occupancy rate. Even before its official launch, Colony @ KL Eco City has landed an anchor tenant for two of its five floors in the building.

Spanning 20,000 square feet over five floors, with one entire level as a designated events space, Colony @ Eco City can accommodate up to 300 guests. Some of the unique amenities Colony @ KL Eco City offers are a nap room for a quick shut-eye, a kids’ play room and nursing room for busy working parents. The Embassy restaurant will also be opening an outlet in the new Colony.

KL Eco City features an integrated rail system comprising of the Abdullah Hukum LRT and KL Eco City KTM as well as new link bridges and ramps accessing Federal Highway and New Pantai Expressway, making Colony @ KL Eco City highly accessible from all parts of the Klang Valley.

While all that grandeur is hard to top, Colony manages to continuously introduce bigger and better offerings! The highlight of the new co-working space is their Jamestown Suite priced at RM10,000 a month, making it the most expensive office in Malaysia. The 215 square feet office comes with lights, curtains and other fixtures that can be controlled by Google Home through voice command. To ensure your every need is attended to, the Jamestown Suite also comes with a personal butler at your service.

At Colony @ Eco City, monthly rental begins from RM386 for each open hotdesk seat, and a private serviced office starts from RM1,888. To allow you the luxury of flexible usage of the space, time based passes are available and are priced from RM338 for 100 hours. Rental is inclusive of utilities, high-speed internet access and office cleaning services.


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