Crafting Employee Experience: How We Can Easily Improve Company Culture

King Quah is the co-founder and managing director of SaltyCustoms, a B2B apparel company helping businesses get their messages across to audiences via trendy and customized designs.

As one of the keynote speakers at WorkCulture.Asia’s recent event ‘Can Traditional Businesses Use Work Culture as a Talent Strategy’, King spoke about how companies can easily improve work culture by focusing on their core values as core values are the essence of the company’s identity.

Core values support the vision of the company, reflect its beliefs and shape its culture. However, King has found that many companies have listed too many or have described too long core values that these values do not help to clarify the identity of the organization, its work culture, and practices, thus do not resonate with its employees and customers.

Hence, King advised that it is vital for companies to specify a set of core values that speak to its employees and the public, and that would help their daily business activities and decision-making process. By having a clear and defined set of core values, potential employees, customers, and investors are informed about the company’s identity, culture, and values, all of which become a competitive advantage to the company.

So, how does a company define its core values? King recommended companies to maintain a simple set of core values that are sustainable in the longer term and use fourth grade English to describe them. Having solid and yet simple core values as the company’s fundamental beliefs, and combining them with vision, strong business strategy and workplace culture, business results will be realized and transformed.


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