CS Makeup

25 year old Syahirah Hanafi from Bangi is the founder and CEO of CSMakeupMY; a local business producing high quality makeup accessories at an affordable price, and is set at a price point that is accessible to to just about everyone from students, to career women.

Today, CSMakeupMY sells its own brand of makeup brushes, makeup holders, and cases to customers as far as the United Kingdom!

Shifting from selling only OEM products, CSMakeupMY now sells their own brand of accessories beginning in mid-2016. Today, CSMakeupMY employs four employees of which three are full time workers dedicated to all aspects of the sale chain.

For marketing, she formulated a new strategy pivoting the firm to advertise through networking with known influencers and celebrities, while focusing on Youtube videos which which is typically the first destination for makeup newbies who are her target demographic.

Recently, CSMakeupMY was shortlisted and won an award in the 1MET selection. Come March, Syahirah will be off to Indonesia to meet the Indonesian Minister of Trade to discuss the possibility of setting up a physical branch in Indonesia thus opening the doors for CSMakeupMY to penetrate the Indonesian market and expand into something even bigger.


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