Dessert for Ramadhan

One glance at Kek & Co’s Instagram is more than enough to set your diet back. Famed for their artisanal cakes adorned with faux flowers, intricate marbling and more than enough buttercream to go around, founders Farah Melissa and Satira Diana’s works of art are so beautiful you don’t even want to eat them! Kek & Co does more than just cakes – they’re famed for their flaky, buttery cookies as well that will definitely please your tastebuds.

Kek & Co’s biskut Nutella, biskut mentega kacang and biskut baldu merah are right on top of the list of bestsellers during the Ramadhan and Aidilfitri period. This year however, they’ll be adding a local twist to it with the introduction of 2 new flavours – sirap limau and the Tarik.

They have an impressive portfolio and a clientele that consists of a diverse range of ethnicities, and there seems to be no signs of slowdown in terms of orders for these two hardworking ladies. Ramadhan is actually one of their busiest months, as they also put out special editions of their offerings like gift boxes, hampers and cookies on top of their regular cakes.

They also had a little nugget of advice to offer. “Just because it’s the fasting month it doesn’t mean your efforts should slow down,” Farah advised. “In fact, it could turn out to be the most productive month of the year if you hustle hard. The hunger for business should always outweigh our hunger for food — so always stay one step ahead.”

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