Disruptive Creative Technologies: Shaping the Future of Destination Marketing

Aasia Haq is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Guidrr, Inc. – a B2B content marketing platform serving an emerging market of content creators seeking to unlock engagement and conversion from users viewing their content on mobile devices.

Recognized as a “female founder” to watch, Aassia is a serial startup entrepreneur and recognized expert working at the intersect of technology & digital marketing. Her passion is to unlock & grow destination marketing using the power of mobile technology and peer influence.

In her GEC Lab, Aasia mentioned how destination marketing is being influenced by a rapid growth of mobile and social technologies which are merely tools to amplify and distributive information content. And these creative tools are new ways – disruptive ways – of gaining and monetizing influence.

For instance, there are 400million users on Instagram of which 343million users post content on travel. Therefore, imagine the kind of marketing that leaders in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry could have to change the nature of travel and tourism by utilizing these disruptive technologies.

Participants were separated into four groups to discuss destination marketing issues and to brainstorm the ways in which disruptive technologies could be used to resolve overcome those issues. Some of the topics discussed were how to introduce Malaysia as a sustainable fashion destination and how to penetrate the inbound Chinese travellers and Muslim travellers markets to Malaysia.

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