Exabytes Internet Marketing Summit 2018: Discovering Growth in Digital World

In 2018, the digital world has emerged to cap in Malaysia. Digital marketing had become an essential part to startups and companies seeking for a wider coverage for their businesses. If you are ready to explore digital marketing, Exabytes Internet Marketing Summit 2018 is for you!

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The topics include Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, Mobile marketing, Digital marketing trends, Influencer marketing, Video marketing and MORE! Don’t miss the opportunity to join Exabytes Internet Marketing Summit 2018!

Exabytes Internet Marketing Summit 2018 is a conference where we focus on digital marketing aspects in Malaysia. By gathering numerous experienced Digital Marketers and Gurus, it provides you to stay on top of data-driven marketing trends and become innovative in your campaigns and strategies.

The momentous event also offers valuable on-the-spot E-commerce consultation with the objective to enhance the capacity of Digital Marketing. Sign up HERE today!


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