Lee Shiang and Alfred Koh imagined a drone that required no human interference, runs indefinitely, a docking system that swaps batteries by itself and with Fourfang, this is now a reality. They’ve decided to innovate this limited ability by building their own drones from scratch in Malaysia, capable of a longer average battery life than the current 20 minutes.

Fourfang runs on the idea of wanting to help reduce mundane work in the surveillance industry and drones can help with this.

“With conventional CCTVs you still need a pair of eyes to look for the bad guys. We have developed our own AI which is able to scan images and footages for things that seem suspicious and everything is automated. For example, if you’re not expecting anyone at a certain time, when the AI scans a person during that time then it will alert the user,” said Lee Shiang.

With a couple of potential customers eyeing our drones in 2018, Fourfang targets to be a security company overlooking the development of Kuala Lumpur through unmanned security surveillance. They are also vying for a relationship with the Forestry Department of Malaysia use drones to capture evidence of illegal logging.


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