Free The Seeds

The environmental impacts due to the open-burning of Malaysian paddy-fields has undoubtedly contributed negatively to climate change.

In addition to that, the last 50 years has seen the B40-category of Malaysian paddy-farmers practising conventional farming methods which, in comparison with advanced-value added methods that are implemented in western countries, has also contributed to the degradation of our environment.

Hence, if a viable and sustainable solution can be invented to mitigate the open burning of paddy-fields for environmental protection, and simultaneously elevate the farmer’s income, the potential benefits to be reaped by the TN50 and B40 farming communities are endless. Free The Seed intends to accomplish this by transforming Agriculture to Agri-business utilising biotech, science to action, and greentech business models.

This is what inspired Free The Seed: a cleaner and greener world. With their “Waste-to-Wealth philosophy” transforming the packaging industry worldwide with greener and sustainable solutions, Free The Seed was founded by Ramaness Parasumaran in 2009.


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