Future Trends of Wearable Technology

A decade ago nobody had an idea that how personal technology will look like years later. Technology plays a crucial role in our lives as we become more dependent on it. Wearable technology from fitness trackers to smart watches has managed to grow due to the tendency of technology to get smaller and efficient with time.

Few of the well-known names in wearable fitness technology like Fitbit is dying and fighting for survival, Intel retracted its resources form fitness tracking group. Moreover, innovation can derive wearable gadgets out of the market, wrist worn fitness trackers can be replaced by smart glasses in near future. Given the situation in wearable technology market, the million-dollar question here is, “will fitness trackers even be worn on wrist in future”?

The good news is that, market analysts are forecasting extraordinary growth in wearable technology in future. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC, 2017) the wearable market is expected to grow from 113.2 million shipments in 2017 to 222.3 million in 2021.

There are several software and hardware breakthroughs happening to reshape the traditional fitness trackers. For instance, there is smart accessories like sports-bra which tracks your heart rate and physical activities, by the bio sensing clothing company Omsignal.

Director of the Technology and Innovation for the Olympic Committee, Mounir Zok said, “I see the emerging trend of technology becoming more and more invisible”. Further Zok said that wearable technologies are now being designed into clothing to track your heart rate, sleep patterns and physical activity.

In recent future wearable technologies will far more invisible and capable of providing information about our health. The biggest trend in this time is integration of wearable fitness technology into clothing. Runners now no longer need to wear separate wrist band because smart watches no are equipped with GPS and heart rate monitors. On the other hand, smart running shoes and smart sports bra is making wearable fitness technology more invisible, with reliable results.

There is no denying that there are huge leaps forward in terms of transformation of wearable fitness technology. Sportspersons reported that they would like to wear fitness technology which will tell them more than traditional fitness trackers.


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