GEM Turns 2

Celebrating its 2nd anniversary, Global Entrepreneurship Movement (GEM) is the first NGO from a developing nation that focuses on connecting, networking and fostering collaborations to internationalize Malaysia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Founded by the Secretary-General of Treasury, Tan Sri Dr. Mohd. Irwan Serigar bin Abdullah, GEM has been gradually building a global presence to allow leaders from different networks in various countries to come together as one global ecosystem.

With a present total of 15,223 affiliate members, the NGO was set up with the high-minded pursuit of democratizing entrepreneurship in Malaysia as well as globally, providing a platform, collective of the ecosystem which includes entrepreneurs of different industries from social entrepreneurship, technology, halal to creative sectors to converge.

GEM aspires to build, promote, internationalize and connect the Malaysia based entrepreneurship movement and ecosystem to the world which includes the investment sectors, business angels, private equity firms, venture capitalists and the like. Steered by a dedicated team of industry leaders, each with prolific achievements in their respective fields of work with the spirit of Democratizing Entrepreneurship, GEM aims to achieve its mission by strategically aligning with all current entrepreneurial initiatives and agencies by bringing them together to help airlift the Malaysian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Present at GEM’s 2nd anniversary dinner was Tan Sri Irwan Serigar to unveil GEM’s first physical magazine line-up titled: “Startups To Watch For In 2018”. A quarterly publication, the magazine will feature a vast array of accomplished startups that were nominated by influential individuals from within the Malaysian entrepreneurial ecosystem. At its core, the physical magazine intends to instil awareness of the cutting-edge startups in Malaysia and hopefully inspire more to generate new ideas and collaborations.

GEM’s existing online magazine features the latest news, insights and development in entrepreneurship, compelling stories and breakthroughs in local and global business, catalyzing start-ups and co-working spaces, cutting-edge technology and its impact on our future, and thought-provoking articles from diverse writers. As part of its focus on giving back to the Malaysian entrepreneur community, GEM’s magazine publication emphasizes innovativeness, creativity, and entrepreneurial ingenuity. A PDF copy of GEM magazine can be attained at

The NGO’s flagship eFM online radio station also hosts podcasts, and features everything from captivating stories, to business insights and trends aimed to mend the gap in Malaysia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, right down to energizing music carefully selected to keep the entrepreneurial motivation flying high.

By drawing attention to young Malaysian entrepreneurs and facilitating their growth, GEM has been able to accelerate the growth of Malaysia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem through events such as “Let’s Jam”, a monthly panel discussion that brings together innovative entrepreneurs, the newly formed “TENxCLUB”, an exclusive club designed to recognize high performing Malaysian start-ups, and “CollossusINNO”, a platform built to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to develop real-world innovative solutions to bridge the gaps in the ASEAN market and propel ASEAN nations closer towards first world status. BluSense Diagnostics, a Danish based startup, was crowned the winner of 2017’s Collossus INNO challenge with their pioneering “BluBox”, a diagnostics tool that is capable of accurately detecting dengue and zika viral strains needing just a single drop of blood to do so.

“I truly believe that by placing greater emphasis on entrepreneurship, we will be unleashing the possibilities of keeping up with innovations thus reinforcing economic stability locally and globally.” – Tan Sri Dr. Mohd Irwan Serigar bin Abdullah


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