Goldmine Of Marketing Opportunities — How To Make The Best Of Valentine’s Day

Twisting the day of love to make it about your brand — that’s surprisingly easier than it sounds. Companies have been doing it forever, and in ways that just keep getting more and more creative. It is, in fact, a firm belief that business was the whole point to celebrate Valentine’s day, that has extended to a full-blown week now.

So it’s completely natural that you’d want to use it to your advantage — no matter how big or small your brand is. With virtually every brand doing their thing on the web, how do you make yours stand out from the pack? You probably have some ideas for campaigns and social media posts already. But setting your priorities right before you begin will help you gain the most perspective.

Realize and Utilize Your Advantage

It’s probably for the best that you utilize the many facets of Valentine’s Week for your advantage because sticking to just one idea isn’t a very smart or creative option. Good for you that Valentine’s Day has always been a polarizing concept. Couples love it (even though some might find it stressing!), singles despise it, and survivors of unrequited love find themselves in constant agony. Many just don’t care.

You can easily make posts and emails that cater to every single one of those sentiments. They are emotions evoking out of the concept of Valentine’s Day, after all. The rather neglected folk like the singles or one-sided lovers are going to appreciate your shout-out to them instead of the happy couples.

Keep It Inclusive

While it’s important to address everyone on the planet and their non-plans for the V-Day, it’s equally important to keep your posts inclusive. It’s just not cool to mock couples or the traditions of the day to make a point about how cool being single is. Needless to say, it will put off your customers who are in relationships and celebrating the day. Keep everyone in the loop — that’s how you gain the right following.

Use The “Pair” Aspect


Valentine’s is all about pairing things up. This particular theme gives you a whole array of opportunities and ideas to explore. You can pair up the different days of the week, pair up your customers, pair up with another brand yourself, run contests, pair different products — the possibilities are endless. You just have to relate them back to your brand. Because…

Keepin’ It Relevant Is The Key

A lot of times, you run the risk of making the campaign more about the days or the customers (not that it isn’t important) instead of your product or brand. Talking about the importance of love and how it’s more than just romantic love that gives our life meaning is important, sure. But you need to link that back to your brand.

Take Ford’s Speed Dating Valentine Campaign for instance. It’s as much about the product as it is about the concept of Valentine’s Day. It’s engaging and fun without being preachy. But most importantly, it put the Ford Car in focus. That’s a great marketing idea!

Ads, posts, and deals are one way to engage your audience. You can get personal with your audience too, given the occasion. Ask them to share their love stories, send them Valentine’s Day cards, greetings and personalized messages to show your love for them. You don’t even have to make them sales-y, sometimes simple appreciation works just as well. And campaigns like that never fail.

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