Hotel Nida

Mr. Avili is one of the few Malaysian hotel owners who has managed to revolutionize the way hotels utilize data and information to benefit customers, vendors and shareholders.

The Hotel NIDA concept is one that is highly resourceful, and incredibly efficient. The company utilizes a system, developed in-house, that is capable of gathering data based on their customers’ preferred check in and check out times and can accurately predict when the hotel should expect a high influx of holiday goers.

This data gathering system then assists Hotel NIDA employees with managing their operations to maximize efficiency.

Additionally, they offer outsourcing solutions for good quality boutique hotels that are strategically located. The outsourcing solution allows the property owner to enjoy a fixed monthly lease rather than small profits from the hotel business operations. Hotel NIDA leases hotels and then implements their operative systems and brand to ensure a far greater chance of reeling in profit.

Currently, Mr. Avili has more than 5 Hotel NIDA branches under his belt.

“Without being a chain, a budget hotel will not be able to thrive.”


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