House Hunting with Virtual Reality (VR) Technology

If you have been a property buyer before, you will know how tedious the process can be. You have to set a time with the owner or agent for you to tour the prospectus property; or you will have to wait for the home open and sometimes they might not suit your schedule.

A house agent would typically show their buyers around 7 houses a day. A typical home open usually lasts about half an hour. If you spend around half an hour on each home and take into consideration your commute time from one house to another than it is definitely time consuming. Especially if you only have the weekends free.

To help solve the problem, property developers and agents are implementing Virtual Reality (VR) in their home open and property tour. Virtual Reality centre VR Lab Malaysia is already offering a full Virtual Reality home tour here in Malaysia.

Last September, New Straits Times reported that the local company had developed V-Prop Touch, a function that can be used with VR technology to allow buyers to experience prospective properties before they are even constructed. With that in mind, developers can now save cost on building a showroom and speed up buying process.

The technological advancement does not only help save cost and time but it also allows buyers to buy properties while they are abroad. On top of that, developers will also be able to get feedback from customers before they begin construction to ensure a more satisfying customer experience.

Who knows how far Virtual Reality can go in terms of property development but one thing is for sure, the opportunity are endless. With VR technology, buyers will have just as much control in their choice of property as developers will have – they might even be able to personalise their house before it’s even built.


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