How Can Women Entrepreneurs Lead by Example?

One way women entrepreneurs can lead others in the startup community is by making themselves more visible & vocal in media and on stages. You can’t become what you can’t see.

Young girls and women that aspire to start their entrepreneurship journey often find themselves alone because there is lack of representation of successful women entrepreneurs, especially those who ace in technology. In Malaysia, there are already successful women in tech that can set good examples!

Francesca Chia, the co-founder and CEO of GoGet, (, strive to create a better Malaysia for the community by applying technology, data-driven decision making, and systematized operations to solve a massive, offline problem, the lack of prevalent ecommerce and reliable point-to-point delivery service.

Francesca and GoGet has been featured on multiple publications and actively engaging with entrepreneurship community in panel discussions that she’s involved in. “The future of work is connected, inclusive, mobile and increasingly outsourced,’’ said Francesca, when she was interviewed by GEM Magazine, previously. You can check the article here.

Ai Ching Goh, realised that there was a void in the visual communication space during her research on digital marketing (“…the space was lacking a tool apart from Powerpoint, and maybe Photoshop,”) and set out to develop Piktochart with the rest of the team around 7 to 8 years ago. Piktochart is a web-based tool which helps people with little-to-zero graphic design experience put their information or stories together visually.

In the future, there is hope for women to be emerge as founders of startups, tackling different problems in society and disrupting the market for a lot of

Women don’t need permission to pursue their ideas. Start with small steps, prove the concept, then iterate between tweak and test as you build upon success to grow the business.


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