Having previously worked with each other and boasting a total of 50 years worth of work experience between them, the move to start Hyperlab was only natural for Vic Sithasanan, Janet Teo & Chris Greenough.

What Hyperlab does is build products that help big brands automate their sales & services; this entails creating virtual agents with the ability to handle natural conversation. While users might not realise that they are interacting with an AI, Hyperlab makes it a point to tell them upfront. Janet cites their work on ookyo: Maxis’ new pure-play digital brand as one of Hyperlab’s more recent success stories.

Hyperlab is aiming to fully capture the backyard market in 2018. The company claims to lead the pack in terms of transaction volume through automated systems — it has seen more than 10 million messages exchanged between businesses & their customers — and hopes to retain that lead.

They also plan to raise series-A funding in order to expand further into the Philippine and Indonesian markets. Vic sees the rise of automation as inevitable and sees Hyperlab playing a big part in making that happen in the long-term.

Hyperlab is also working on technology that understands Southeast Asian languages better, which takes the rojak characteristic of the regions’ languages into account.


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