Intelix is here to change how people rely on human operators in call centres for customer service, the same way the ATM has changed the landscape of the banking industry.

Intelix began as a part of University of Malaya’s business unit within the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology; FSKTM Technovations. Initially assembled to bid a tender with the Employees Provident Fund, Intelix is now in talks with some of the biggest household names and Malaysian ministries to create customised chatbots for them.

The world’s first chatbot capable of understanding English, Malay and a mixture of the two (Manglish) is the brainchild of Dr Aznul Qalid, Dr. Hairul Nizam and Dr Ram Gopal Raj; the three co-founders of Intelix.

Their biggest challenge to date is to challenge the way big firms view Intelix and our capabilities. In 2018, Intelix aspires to democratise artificially intelligent chatbot, making it accessible to all firms, regardless of size.


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