Islamic Design Thinking for Organisational and Creative Confidence
TL;DR – Global Entrepreneurship Community Summit 2017 starting on Day 0 today, with a line up of awesome GEC Labs speaker session. One of the interesting session is Islamic Design Thinking for Organisational and Creative Confidence with Peter Gould. 

Peter Gould, the Design Executive Officer of Zileej may look like a typical Australian until someone had the chance to get to know him, up close & personal. A celebrated designer, a creative entrepreneur and a Muslim convert, Peter has beautifully leveraged Islam, a complete way of life as his main inspiration for his company with one clear goal in mind; to create positive impact among the Muslim communities by designing brands, products, and experiences for the Islamic economies.

Zileej has successfully placed Islam at the product design centre stage within the digital ecosystem by marrying innovation, technology, design, and creating innovative lifestyle products specially for Muslims. Peter mentioned three important components; innovation through research that should reflect empathy and understanding, inspired innovation in creating unique and positive brands, products and experiences and not to forget the design and launch component that helps to craft, launch and grow your product, every step, from beginning to end.

Few key highlights of his company’s products that captured the interests of the delegates include 5Pillars, a series of fun, trivia-based games that harmoniously paved the way to reconnect families and friends through engaging social experiences. In inspiring & empowering the next generation of Muslim girls, Zileej has also created Salam Sisters, a collection of five culturally diverse characters who are faith-grounded, fun, modest fashion-forward, and future thinking.

When asked on what would be his most important advice for aspiring Muslim entrepreneurs who wish to follow his footsteps; Peter who described himself as someone creative, curious and smart, assertively said:

“Always strive for a simple change that gives positive impacts to the society by coming up with products that solve their day to day problems as Muslims”.

His words beautifully complement his future plan, where Zileej is currently working on creating a smart, wearable device that trains users to reach their spiritual goals and journey.

Truly a commendable session especially for the Muslims to further understand and define the roles of modern Islamic design thinking and how they could help spur the development of many Muslim-centric brands in the rapidly emerging Islamic lifestyle markets globally.


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