Jirnexu initially started a financial education website which then turned into customer aggregation. The website is called ringgitplus.com and it contains financial products and allows consumers to compare and apply for them.

They began by teaching them how to manage their money, which is the best credit card for you, filing taxes properly, providing information to help make a decision on home loans and mortgages for example.         

Aggregation services was a natural progression from that model. Jirnexu now also assists consumers in applying for those financial products. It provides the means to apply for the products online without having to go to banks or insurance agents. They utilise technology to make it more convenient and simplified for everyone to use.

With regards to expansion, Jirnexu wants to provide deeper and more meaningful transactions to their customers. More than just listing and comparing products, they aspire to be involved in the product services.

With so many more products that consumers need help with, not limited to application for them but also education regarding the products, Jirnexu wants to be the one-stop centre for all of these and more in Malaysia.


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