“We started 3 years ago when my partner and I were just sitting around chatting; we decided that there is probably a market for a service that would allow people to perform foreign currency exchange transactions at much cheaper prices. As we were both pretty experienced bankers at the time already, we were well aware the regular hurdles and operational issues would definitely take time and be more expensive for consumers,” said Adrian Yap, CEO of the company.

MoneyMatch is a platform that allows a customer to send ringgits to their bank account and performs the conversion for the customer at much cheaper rates compared to all the other banks.

It doesn’t matter which bank the customer banks with; the customer, as a Malaysian citizen, will have access to the cheapest rates in town and will no longer be restrained by the charges of the bank.

Now past their pre-A series funding round, Adrian shared with us MoneyMatch’s 2018 plans: to grow the company’s user and SME base and become the de facto choice for foreign exchange transactions for small and micro SME’s.


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