MonStar Awards 2018

A crowd of over 150 students, Key Opinion Leaders, parents, industrial partners, campus partners, panel judges and media partners came together on a Saturday evening to recognise Student Key Opinion Leaders across Malaysia at the first ever MonStar Awards 2018. The crowd comprised of Key Opinion Leaders, students and parents, industrial partners, campus partners, 5 panel judges and media partners.

The award ceremony featured the 5 panel judges who delivered a 5-minute keynote each to inspire and encourage young people to go beyond limit and dare to dream. The panel judges include, Zikry Kholil, Co founder of Incitement, Desmond Ngai, Senior Vice President of WebTVAsia, Bryan Loo, CEO of Loob Holding, Amber Chia, Principal of Amber Chia Academic and John-son Oei, CEO of Epic Collective. Performance on the day was brought to us by a talented artist, Luqman Hakim from Multimedia University. He drew “The Face of Courage” as an encouragement to the audience to be brave in all walks of life. It was an evening filled with inspiration, excitement and humour, having the barriers between students, Key Opinion Leaders, parents, campus partners and industrial partners being removed during networking.

“It all began with the intentions to recognise young talents in Malaysia by giving them a place to shine, to connect a diverse background of individuals from top personalities, companies, lecturers, students and parents through networking, as well as to build a stage to share ideas and insights, we ended up having MonStar Awards 2018!” said the Founder of Monsta Asia, Chan Zhi Ee. “The is the first time, it will not be the the last.”

The Maker’s Lab in MaGIC, Cyberjaya was transformed for the day for the MonStar Awards 2018, featuring HQ Event stage and lighting set up. The MaGIC reception and open space area were also being utlised for networking and buffet dinner set up by the caterer, Wah Su Entreprise. 300 cups of Tealive were sponsored by Loob Holding for the attendees during the networking session. The entrance and reception were decorated with MonStar Awards 2018 backdrop and the faces of the Top 100 designed by Studio Behind 90.

Zikry Kholil, the Co founder of Incitement, spoke on “Killing Our Comfort Zone”, encouraging the audience to be fearless to step out of comfort zone as there has what lies for them. He emphasised that to grow is to move out of our comfort zone even though it is scary. Desmund Ngai, the Senior Vice President of WebTVAsia, spoke on “Youth Arise in New Malaysia”, encouraging the crowd to be bold and not be afraid to voice out because “We’re living in exciting times of new Malaysia—Malaysia Baru, there’s no longer the culture of fear, the trait is to be bold,” he said.

John-son Oei, CEO of Epic Collective, presented his talk “The Skipping Pebble”, emphasising on the aspect of practice brings progress. He shared how his belief in the impact of home building brought him to where he is currently, through the actions taken and his consistency.

Bryan Loo, CEO of Loob Holding, presented “The Positive Impact of Lifestyle Tea in Asia Community”, sharing his personal experience of earning pocket money since primary school. He spoke about how he landed his foot in the Food and Beverage industry because of his belief that this is a never-dying industry. Although it was an unfamiliar industry among his family and friends, he carried on with his decision and became the renown young entrepreneur who inspired many young people.

Vergil, the General Manager of Amber Chia Academy, spoke on “Never Try, Never Know. Take Action Now”. Speaking on behalf of Amber Chia, he shared to the crowd the essence of taking action as it will lead us to opportunities in life. At the same time, he advised the crowd and winners to be humble as they lead life, for winners will not be winners forever.

The Top 10 Student Key Opinion Leaders who were rewarded on that night were Aliff Fadzly from Management Science University (MSU), Archana Vijai Kumar from Bricksfield Asia College (BAC), Chang Kai Yang from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Gee Jia Ho from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Haris Lim from Management Science University (MSU), Janice Chai Xin Hui from Taylor’s University, Luenna Lau from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Wong Shy Kit from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Vanessa Cruez from Management Science University (MSU) and Yasser from Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP).

Event in-kind sponsors for the night are Clinelle, Mamee, Tealive, My Harapan, MaGIC, Photobook, Nando’s, A&W, Manhattan Fish Market, Amber Chia.

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