Mark Smalley has been living in Malaysia for the past 20 years, and has been building fintech applications for 15 years. 5 years ago, he started building blockchain applications and came together with Ruben Tan to start Neuroware together.

Neuroware provides corporate blockchain training and workshops along with consultations on solutions utilizing Cortex. Blockchain is difficult to choose between a thousand chains with hundreds of different consensus methods and protocols. There are massive data sets, disrupting businesses and financial focus that needs attention, which, through blockchain, can be made much easier.

The company used decades of distributed ledger developer experience to build a platform that supports the best of the blockchains, through private APIs, enterprise solutions and agnostic protocols.

Neuroware is the only Malaysian company to graduate from 500 Startups Accelerator in Silicon Valley, with funding from Coinsilium.

With DBS, Axiata, Maybank and Securities Commission as clients, Neuroware covered a broad spectrum of industries.


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