Online on Demand Services in Bangladesh

TL;DR – Bangladesh is catching up with online on-demand services. Their invention makes it easier for the citizens to smoothen their lifesty

Online shopping or the usage of online services, once perceived as a sceptic behaviour, is now an overwhelmingly increasing everyday phenomenon in Bangladesh, especially for the last couple of years, there has been a major shift. It has gradually however relentlessly advanced as a day by day propensity into the lives of the shoppers. The undeniably occupied and associated plans leave a little time for the customers to wander into the physical store, subsequently, the online shops open up the open doors for them to shop through perusing and calm.

Bangladesh, being a developing nation, is minimal ease back to get up to speed with the web-based shopping binge, yet with the advancement of the web foundation and enhancing financial condition, online shopping is making a pathway into the everyday lives of the Bangladeshi buyers.

Photo by Ahmed Hasan on Unsplash

A perfect example of that is Shohoz. There was a time when people needed to prepare themselves to involve in a psychological war of getting bus tickets to go to their village home during Eid vacations, even they sometimes needed to pay quadrupled of the original ticket price. Whereas now, most of the City dwellers of the major cities leave their stress behind Shohoz’s website.

When Uber was launched in Bangladesh, people hardly knew about it. But today, right after 6 months, almost everybody has an Uber app in their smartphone. Not only that, inspired by Uber, people is now blessed with Pathao, a motorcycle version of Uber, however as cheap as Rickshaw (a three wheeling manually paddled vehicle).

Even though Bangladesh has seen various successful modern trade brands, majority of the everyday retail transactions still take place in traditional Wet Markets & Mudi shops, where you get to bargain for goods price & this wet market shopping is a big no to the generation Y youths who is steadily entering the corporate labour market. So here comes the modern alternative of wet market shopping, Chaldal, where your everyday groceries or fish n’ meats are just click away.

Photo by Olu Eletu on Unsplash

So where is the future of online purchasing in Bangladesh? An in-depth BCG (Boston Consulting Group) research of 2015 discovers that 88% of the MAC (Middle & Affluent Class) population of Bangladesh believes information found online & almost 70% of them search products online.

The only drawback might be the ease of use of the payment gateways & online banking services. However, you will be happy to know that by the time this article was written, the launching event of PAYPAL was just about to begin at Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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