Online On Demand Services in Pakistan
TL:DR – Pakistan is growing it’s online on-demand services to help people run their lifestyle easier.

Photo by Sameer Akhtari on Unsplash

Advancement of technologies with years has changed the way we purchase products, style of living, communication process, traveling standards, learning facilities, and a lot more changes have been brought to us by these continuous advancements. In Pakistan, the demand for advanced technology has changed significantly in past few years.

Because of the high demand for comfort and relaxing lifestyle, Pakistani people are also adopting the automated systems and services. Online business industry in Pakistan has revolutionized in past decades with the inception of new techniques in marketing and transforming the traditional marketing into digital marketing. Start-up of any business in Pakistan is picking up the web-connected strategies and on-demand services around the world that covers everything from cleaners to hairstylists and valet parking to laundry.

In Pakistan, there are several online services, such as grocery delivery, restaurant meals delivery, courier services, gifts and medications delivery services, electronic bill payment services, and online system for purchasing tickets. Nowadays, among all the online demand services, online shopping and purchasing of used or second-hand goods have been getting more popular in Pakistan. More importantly, on-demand rides are getting very popular among the Pakistani people. International companies like Uber and Careem are being appreciated by the public.

Photo by Lilly Rum on Unsplash

On-demand service of three-wheeler is also available in some selected areas of Lahore. There are approximately 2.2 million vehicles in Lahore while the existing repair workshops are fragmented and derelict which makes the process of repairing vehicles costly, time-consuming, and cumbersome task. Therefore, a digital auto-workshop for periodic maintenance and repair assistance are on-demand in Pakistan.

‘Autogenic’ is the first on-demand car maintenance service in Pakistan. ‘’ is an online service in Pakistan that offers skilled workers like carpenters, painters, plumbers, masons, and electricians for hire via online. ‘Daastan’s Qissa’ is the Pakistan’s first online self-publishing platform, which enables Pakistani writers to avail print-on-demand service within Pakistan. Currently, in Karachi, the ‘Readers Club’ offers book rental services.

The demand of SEO service in Pakistan had a drastic boom in a very short span of time and became the profession of many fresh graduates and marketing professional. Malaysian developed video-on-demand platform, ‘’, has launched in Pakistan on January 7, 2017. Another video-on-demand service is ‘Nayatel Internet’ that allows users to select and watch their favorite videos. So, it can be emphasized that on-demand-online services are the focused growing business concept which is being followed by almost all fields of businesses.

Paving way through improving lifestyle and making it easier for the people is the main goals of online on-demand services. Therefore, the more online on-demand services, the more that the people can run their lives every day without worrying or wasting their time.



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