Otomate Me

Kimberly Wan and the founders of Otomate Me aspire to improve lives by automating the process of getting necessities to people in need. They do this by bringing together psychology, and technology.

Otomate Me automatically replenishes your shopping items so you don’t have to do it yourself. It is a smart e-commerce platform which integrates behavioural science and technology, and can quantify habits and predict schedules by ‘oto’-replenishing your everyday essentials before they run out.

The firm targets associations comprising of parents with children over the age of four, and organisations with elderly members above the age of 60 who require their services for things such as auto replenishing their diapers or providing them with over-the-counter medications.

By strategizing smartly, they are able to understand and interact with their target markets better, gain feedback, and solve their needs via the platforms.


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