PicHere: Changing the Way to View

PicHere, you could call it a blend of Google Maps, Snapchat and Instagram with something akin to Monopoly thrown in for good measure.

PicHere lets people post pics on a map, while being able to view and chat on pics shared by others. The pics will only stay up for a limited time, however users can use their in app currency, Pi, to buy more time for their pics to stay viewable, culling outdated information and keeping everything fresh. Think of it as a digital billboard to give business owners a way of promoting their businesses instantly and locally, making PicHere a potentially powerful advertising tool.

With it being map-based, property developers and real estate agents could post about their new launches, open houses, showcase nrarby amenities, all viewable by simply zooming in or out of the map screen to control the size of the area you want to look for properties. Others can chat directly to find it more out more property.

Future developments of PicHere include plans to have a virtual version of the world where people will be able to purchase virtual parcels of land, by doing this they will receive a portion of the revenue from digital billboards posted on their ‘land’, they will also be free to sell their land to other people as the virtual land value rises. In effect, giving all users the opportunity to become virtual land tycoons. Much of the functionality, including the in-game currency, will be managed by a blockchain system to ensure fairness for all.

Currently, PicHere is still in development with a publicly available version expected mid-quarter 2.


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