RunCloud, a software and service (SAS) company with the leading product that manage multiple off cloud hostings and web requirements, helping web developer configure cloud servers and aid during web deployment process. Release on January 2017, their target audience and users are web developer, particularly PHP developer around the world.

The team, Arif Tukiman who has a Computer Science degree in Graphic and Multimedia Software and Masters in IT Entreprenuership, Ahmad Fikrizaman graduated in Computer Network and Security and Masters in IT Entreprenuership, and Amir Fazwan who also has Masters in IT Entreprenuership. Each with their own unique skillset so when they joined and formed a team, each have their own roles.

RunCloud was originally called DarkServer launched around late 2015 which was quite a technical and niche product. But due to the targeted audience and market wasn’t that satisfactory, they reconstruct the product and rebrand it into RunCloud, launching it as a Software and Service product.

RunCloud officially launched in January 2017, during an event called UTM called JomLaunch in UTM which gathers all the web developer community in Malaysia at one place with about 500 people as audience. After they soft launched there, they received a lot of leads and user registration from web developers from all over Malaysia. It became a free marketing service through spread of mouth among the community users in Malaysia and RunCloud was also featured in multiple international blogs and which helped them they grew from there. Last year, the total of users who registered with them are about 4000 users from more than 30 countries, with about 70% comes from the United States.

RunCloud offers two types of packages, a free and pro package. “We came up with RunCloud because we’re looking towards cloud servers or cloud hostings in terms of performance, optimization et cetera and developers will control that server. In order to deploy into their cloud, it will take time in terms of configuration, safety and security. Previously if we don’t have or use panels, developers will need to do it manually which in average takes about 3 to 5 hours, just for configuring. So we came up with this that saves up to 90% of the time. Just within 15 minutes your website can be connected with RunCloud, everything can be done and ready to be deployed”. the value of RunCloud is in terms of saving time.

In 2018, the team are planning to make RunCloud as a standard tool when using cloud and for development works. They’re also targeting double in user growth and increased in monthly revenue. “This year we want to focus on branding. People have start comparing RunCloud to competitors in blogs and social media, so this year we wanted to focus more on marketing, mostly using online platforms and sponsoring tech conferences or small tech events because RunCloud has a very targeted audience such as web developers so they’re mostly going to take part in such events.

Security wise, RunCloud doesn’t provide infrastructure as a service or as a server, meaning they don’t care store your data because the server holds all of your data and they’re only just the middle person that connects the web developer to the server and manage everything. So, in terms of security it is their top priority and they’re ensuring that everything that’s put into RunCloud and the programs that works with the configuration and deployment process are secured.

How do you use RunCloud? Well, when a person registers as a user, the user will get to choose between a free package or a Pro package which gives a 5-day trial. The free package contains the most basic features while Pro has unlimited features. After the Pro trial ends, the interested user can subscribe to RunCloud, the user will be able to access features that helps managing or monitoring a server and if there’s an increase of users in the server, the user will be automatically notified through email, telegram or slack et cetera. There’s also an add on package called backup which is mostly used for restoration if the website was compromised. This year, RunCloud are aiming to increase add on packages with features that web developers will use and need.

Speaking of feedbacks, after 3 months RunCloud was launched in Malaysia, a user from Sweden gave a very positive testimonial, that was featured on their website. The team stated that mostly the feedbacks are positive, while there are some negative feedbacks but they’re taken as constructive and used to improve their product.
Their biggest achievement was being offered to be featured at TechCrunch in Berlin. There were 3 SAS companies featured from around the world, and they’re one of the chosen ones to be part of it.

At the moment, the team consists of the three mentioned above and another two people. They’re also planning to expand the team for more technical support.



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