For today’s athlete, speed is everything. Coaches are already aware of the phenomenon called the “10% dilemma.” The observation that during specific resistance training when the external load reaches about 10% of bodyweight or maximum weight for a given movement, the movement skill or technique may be negatively affected.

EXOGEN™ and Light Variable Resistance Training was developed specifically to counteract this effect. LVRT is a “movement specific, progressive resistance training using less than 10% of additional body weight.”

This allows the user to perform resistance training using competition specific speed and movements without the negative impacts that can occur when using heavier loads and awkward equipment.

With starting loads as little as 50 grams, and increments from 50-300 grams, no other product can provide this level of specificity to enhance specific speed, power, agility, endurance and skill.

EXOGEN™ was a product of Sportboleh Sdn Bhd, founded by Joseph Dolcetti. Joe was training athletic sprinters 15 years ago, when he figured out the challenges faced by athletes to train on running tracks and gyms. The development process of EXOGEN™ started 6 years ago. Many more athletes have started using the product since, and it has expanded on a global scale.


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