Start Evolving: Welcome Blockchain into your Career Life

Most of the “buidlers” in Crypto are busy creating applications that are meant to attract the masses — that’s a tough shot. Blockchain technology is not yet pretty enough for the average consumer and its main traction driver is the sheer value offering it provides, namely security and control.

Security and control aren’t the main demands of consumers; they seek convenience. In this age of Amazon and GrubHub, convenience is king, even if it demands a grand cost.

On the other hand, businesses, who are at the risk of losing millions of dollars and incredibly private information from breaches, are desperately seeking solutions to improve the security of and control over their data. And, without a doubt, the challenge of communicating securely remains a challenge for every business.

Locking up data is not so tough but making sure the data serves its purpose — floats — without being compromised is a challenge. In any enterprise, small or large, employees need to communicate and sensitive data gets moved around all the time. This is a weak spot of enterprise communication; this is blockchain’s spot to shine.

Blockchain developments need to offer solutions that will benefit people in their work lives. Consumer offerings are a much harder fruit to grab.

This is Your Work Space

A new blockchain-enabled platform, Eso, is creating technology that can give people their own space. Of course, the technology goes beyond serving work environments, but it will offer an incredible amount of value to workspace interactions.

Eso is a collection of tools that are successfully merged into a multi-purpose application.

The application is built on the blockchain, secured end-to-end, and all the data interactions are unlocked by the user’s key and pin code. This means your device will be the only one able to connect to your data and the data others have given you access to.

Truly Private Communication

You can text any workplace colleague, client, or business partner sensitive information while being sure it stays out of reach from others. Unlike the leading texting apps, Eso isn’t tracking or storing your data for their marketing department’s analysis, which would innately nullify your privacy.

Also, unlike like a typical texting application which benefits mainly from the network effect, Eso does not need to rely on the network effect as the main product is not reach. The offering here is security and control and this is incredibly useful when dealing with information that impacts your work life and/or business.

A Truly Useful Wallet

There are many wallet applications out there, but they don’t tap into a secure texting system. The ESOS crypto wallet is the first-ever wallet that connects into a communication channel while being built on an encrypted infrastructure and supported by a decentralized network.

  • While the Eso team feels this will be great because it will allow people to make smart contract-based trustless agreements through simple text messages that lead to an agreement of an amount to be fulfilled, it’s quite possible that it can open up something much greater.
  • A lot of people who hold large sums of major coins use the services of custodians because they feel worried having to hold and send Crypto due to the raw experience. If people can simply connect to a contact and send money directly to an identity rather than a string of characters, they’d have the confidence that they are sending Crypto to the right person. This! This is something big.

Company Updates

Without a doubt, the Crypto-popular Telegram app has been extremely successful at providing an exceptional UX for updates meant large audiences. However, Telegram’s not decentralized yet and it’s a long way from fulfilling this goal.

Meanwhile, Eso aims to give this desirable service to both companies and Crypto communities alike. Except, the tools go beyond a mere announcement channel that is secured by a decentralized network and encryption layer, which would be Telegram’s offering once TON is years into its development. Eso also will offer the ability to announce via calendars while ensuring engagements can be actioned via voting; given that this project is created by founders of ClearPoll, this piece of the service will likely be flawless.

There are other valuable services too. While the above-mentioned functions can certainly benefit individuals too — though, business and professionals will likely be quick adopters — other Eso functions like secure password storage, notepad, and task manager will be friendly for everyday users.

On a closing note, one major plus of the Eso platform will be that transferring ESOS tokens to other users will be free. Building on a previously mentioned point, Eso might be able to crack the barrier of making Crypto transfers friendly to the masses.

The application will have a lot of useful functions for businesses, but it will make Crypto transfers simple and safe enough for anyone, irrespective of the person’s technical know-how; the lack of transfer fees is the cherry on top.


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