Successful WhatApp Entrepreneurs

You have probably heard of entrepreneurs who became successful and gained prominence through social media such as Instagram and Facebook, as well as YouTube. However, have you heard of entrepreneurs who became successful through using WhatsApp?

A few of these successful WhatsApp entrepreneurs shared their success stories at the Women Entrepreneurs Convention, held on 29 and 30 August 2019, during the National Entrepreneurship Week 2019.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp is a useful medium or platform for communicating and sharing information. WhatsApp Business is an app that you can download and install in your phone. It is very useful for dealing with customers, especially the automated response function.

“We are in the ‘tudung’ (head scarf) business for 5 years already. Our target market consists of working women with 1-2 children. We have a shop and website. We use WhatsApp to deal with our agents and customers,” said Azdi Khairil from SofeaRose.

“We encourage our agents and stockists to download and use WhatsApp Business. We can use it to share our business website address or URL, opening hours, and set an auto-reply to answer any messages during non-working hours,” said Azdi Khairil.

“There’s a very useful function in WhatsApp Business where you can put labels next to customer names, such as ‘new customer’, ‘old customer’, ‘already paid’, and ‘have not paid’. You can easily know which customer is your priority,” said Nurul Eylia Yunos, COO of  Sephia and White Fluffy.

Targeted Marketing

“Save the numbers of new customers who sent direct messages. You can add them to your customer base,” said Nurul Eylia.

“You can look at the customer base. See which is male and which is female. We can target certain suitable customers for certain campaigns. So, you don’t send the campaign announcements to everybody, but you only send the campaign information to people who fit the criteria,” said Nurul Eylia.

Customer Types

According to Azdi Khairil, there are three types of customers in WhatsApp:

  1. The thinker – needs clarification and confirmation
  2. The user – wants technical information, such as how to use, how to wash, etc.
  3. The social buyer – wants to chat

All of them will make purchases. However, some customers take a longer time to make a purchase, while others take a shorter time. The social buyer will take the longest time.


The advertisements you send to customers must contain all the important points. If not, the customers will have many questions. If enough information is provided, the questions will be minimal and short.

The session turned out invaluable in terms of its content and the marketing tips that these successful Whatsapp  entrepreneurs provided. The participants gained valuable insights into how to use WhatsApp Business and optimise it for their full advantage.

The panel session Successful Whatsapp Businesses was one of the session in Konvensyen Usahawan Wanita 2019 organized by SMECorp Malaysia that took place in conjunction with Minggu Usahawan Nasional 2019 on 29th August 2019 at MAEPS.


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