Given the choice of working in a cubicle for a traditional call centre/outsourcing firm and being able to work remotely at your own flexible time, most would choose the latter. The co-founders of Supahands chose the latter for themselves and thus leapt into launching a startup geared towards helping both firms with large data projects and today’s workforce which has seen massive shifts from traditional office work to remote jobs from the comforts of one’s home. Today, Supahands is manned by 2,000 SupaAgents across three different countries, all of which enjoy flexible working hours and full control of their lives.

Supahands revolves around projects from a myriad of third party companies that includes data collection and data verification. The daily routine is a continuous cycle of facilitating the transfer of information by taking large projects from their clients across Asia Pacific and breaking it down to smaller bits before delegating it to their cloud-based workforce of SupaAgents. By taking the labour-intensive and time-consuming components away from their clients, Supahands help firms scale up at an exponential speed by freeing their time to focus on more impactful aspects of their projects.

Initially, Supahands began from the lower level of a house in Damansara belonging to Mark’s parents and with only a two-man team and an esteemed pug. Three years on, Supahands is now made up of a team of 35 in-house staff of diverse nationalities and backgrounds, while the pug still makes regular rounds every week at the office. In the past 6 years, 3 of which were spent on their first company which was a traditional call centre, Mark and Susian have changed the lives of many SupaAgents, which are mostly made up of stay-at-home moms and students, by providing them with an alternative steady source of income. Having made such an impact onto the industry and its freelancers, Mark was recently nominated as Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of The Year for the Emerging Category in November 2017 where he was one of the top 5 finalists.

Both the co-founders agreed that they are happy with the business as it is but intent to focus on improving several aspects for the recent future, such as adding more value to their services through new products, increase in automation and machine learning which will speed up their current work process. Supahands aspires to expand by building up teams in other countries as well in the future.

Their proudest moment together to date has been the day they moved into their own office space with a team of the best talent that they know they can trust and count on. Although it was initially difficult for them to form such a formidable team with such a restrictive budget, they now employ talents from Jordan, France, India and Australia. Having such a diverse team also changes the dynamic of the office culture for the better and recently, the team came together cohesively to form a new company vision: “To inspire and innovate the way our users work”.

As their company vision states, Supahands and the reliable strength of its SupaAgents, have definitely innovated the way business today manage their large-scale projects and is indeed inspiring firms to work in a more efficient and productive manner.


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