Supply Bunny

Whilst Tham Keng Yew was in the States, he made the decision to leap into the working world and forgo his PhD studies. Tham worked for about 5 to 6 years in a Silicon Valley startup that produced telecommunications equipment; an experience he describes as a ‘rollercoaster’.

The story behind the inception of SupplyBunny is not a particularly personal one, Tham admits. It was more about him stumbling upon the right opportunity at the right time. He is friends with the founders of Offpeak (a discount dining application which works in a manner similar to Groupon), which SupplyBunny currently shares an office space with.

This connection, the fact with Tham’s familiarity with B2B processes and the supply chain led him to look for an opportunity to do something with restaurants in Offpeak’s inventory. He then surveyed a thousand restaurants in the Klang Valley, and analysed their purchasing needs.

These findings, along with Tham’s own business credentials were sufficient to gain the trust of Shanghai-based Gobi Partners, who started funding SupplyBunny 2 weeks into its inception.

The company has an opportunity in the cities of Bangkok & Ho Chi Minh to replicate the SupplyBunny model as the economic conditions of these cities mirror that of Klang Valley.

Ultimately, Tham’s long-term vision for SupplyBunny is for it to create an impact in the supply chain. Lamenting the current inefficiencies in the market, Tham is set on making SupplyBunny a part of the solution towards reaching total market efficiency.


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