SWAG Technology

Super WiFi Anywhere you Go, better known as SWAG, is a tech start-up that intends to provide all of the above by providing fiber-like internet speeds and reliability to anyone anywhere and at any time.

The startup is spearheaded by three friends, a combination of tech experts and a business-savvy person. Together, they spent the last four and a half years developing and perfecting their business case as well as their products.

The business case is elegant for such a delicate and prominent problem, especially in this age of the fourth industrial revolution. The most dependable means of delivering consistent internet connection to customers are through fiber optics. However, fiber-optic cables are so costly that it is going to take some time before the infrastructure is ready nationwide.

The Malaysian government, through the Government Linked Companies (GLCs) and other independent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have undertaken the initiative of laying out fiber-optic cables albeit each project costing billions.

Therefore, what SWAG is proposing is an innovative approach in which, instead of waiting years and spending billions for fibers, ISPs and telco including mobile carriers should use existing infrastructure of mobile and copper to bring fiber-like experience to their consumers.

The business case translates into a WiFi hotspot device that leverages on the infrastructure of different providers. This includes internet connection of mobile carriers to give one super connection to the user. That way, users will have increased internet reliability, bandwidth and latency.

SWAG Technology was founded by Raphael Mannadiar, Rami Aladdin and Farhash Wafa in 2013.


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