Tech for Good – Garnier X Global Entrepreneurship Movement Association

Since 2018, Global Entrepreneurship Movement Association have been working tirelessly on TechForGood, a project aimed at uplifting and empowering micro-communities in Malaysia. It does this by upskilling them in ways to increase their income with the help of technology.

In the span of a year, TechForGood has reached out to about 500 members.

Now, TechForGood has partnered up with Garnier Malaysia for a campaign, Serikan Diri Di Aidilfitri, with the objective of giving back to society through the empowerment of women. Joining the social cause is MYDIN, the largest hypermarket chain in Malaysia, lending its hand at raising funds for the cause as well as distributing free merchandises lovingly handcrafted by TechForGood’s female participants.

The partnership works in two ways, for every Garnier product sold at MYDIN during the Ramadan month, RM0.20 was contributed to the programme; and for ever RM30 and above for Garnier products purchased during the MYDIN roadshow between 24 – 30 June 2019, shoppers received a handmade pouch or reusable tote bag sewn by women under the programme.

Speaking at the event, Garnier Malaysia’s Marketing Manager Ian Cheng said, “We don’t view our social responsibilities as separate from our business activities – we integrate both seamlessly under our sustainability strategy. As a programme that helps the community by scaling up their entrepreneurship skills, TechForGood’s vision is in line with our commitment, which is all about helping the local community in need”.

The President of Global Entrepreneurship Movement Association (GEMA), Ms Deborah Melissa Bottreau spoke about the event saying, “TechForGood is our technology matching program to ensure better access to its benefits. Many times, we find that the tech laggards are usually because they were strapped for time and resources to consider alternatives. We offer different outreach programmes to empower them so they can adopt technology to earn and learn better. We thank Garnier who came on board to work with us in empowering some 50 women to have a renewed perspective on how to benefit from learning more skills and then applying these skills to earn”

Among the success of the Serikan Diri Di Aidilfitri campaign was the distribution of 48,000 gift items which were handmade by women under the TechForGood programme to shoppers at MYDIN. In total, RM15,000 was raised in collaboration with MYDIN to support TechForGood, which will contribute to the advancement of the programme, helping to benefit even more of its members.

TechForGood will continue its journey at empowering micro-communities by matching relevant technology to B40 and microenterprises. To find out more about the campaign, head over to


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