The Picha Project


The Picha Project was conceptualised through the idea of charity in continuity, a mean of changing the lives of refugees and consistently putting food on their tables by having them cooking for others! The Picha Project is a social enterprise founded and supported by three sprightly young women, Kim Lim, Suzanne Ling and Swee Lin.

Now, The Picha Project has spanned into four different services namely catering, meal boxes, open house experience and on shelf products. Their clientele includes corporates like Ambank, non-profit organisations like World Bank and education entities such as Asia School of Business.

The trio chose to run Picha as a social enterprise as they believe in sustainability and continuity. Seasoned with their experience in giving back to society through charitable projects, they knew that donations cannot last forever and money will eventually run out without a sustainable plan in place.

Today, the Picha team is made up of 8 core team members and 12 families who cook a myriad of cuisines that are not only limited to their home cuisines. With the value of RM500,000 given back to the community to date, Picha has gone a long way in empowering refugees in Malaysia.

Currently in the bootstrapping phase, The Picha Project aspires to increase sales and revenue in order to be able to include up to 25 refugee families by the end of 2018.


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