Turkish Drone and Aerospace Industry

The drone market is expanding rapidly and seeing an increase in uses across various industries. This trend is only expected to go upwards and ballooning, which means the industry has a bright future ahead. It is undeniable that the drone can be a viable low-cost measure for multiple industrial uses across applications which may need extensive human labor. In fact it has begin transforming multiple areas in Turkey which is where the industry has really flourished, in fact the country is becoming a major industry player in the process with a couple drone companies of its own.

Beginning from building drones for military uses, the usage of drones has now expanded to a lot of areas in Turkey, including aerospace, agriculture and traffic management as well as surveillance. Several early private companies and government-backed agencies which pioneered the efforts of working on a range of drone products have really elevated the status of Turkey as major drone industry force that is known today. Among the well-known products include the medium attitude long endurance class with the latest iteration offering interesting specifications and features that is currently in the works by the many companies in the country.

A lot of the parts of the technologies are developed in-house by academic research and industry collaboration, such as the electronics, control systems, flight and simulation software. The challenge remains on featuring autonomous software, however the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is believed to be paving the way forward in this manner.

If Malaysia wants to make an impact as a player in the drone industry, it is greatly encouraged that the cooperation between both countries at the government and business levels. This way, the transfer of technologies can happen smoothly as there are always things to learn from both countries. The Ambassador of Turkey does mention the interest in the strengths of Malaysia, being the electronics and transition of academy to industry, whereas Malaysia could benefit from the vast experience of Turkey in building its drone technology and scaling it globally.

The collaboration between universities is seen as a good way to initiate such work in a long term to foster cooperation and exhange of knowledge. This is demonstrated with the signing of several memorandums of understanding (MoUs) by Istanbul Technical University with universities around the world, with Malaysia being represented by University of Malaya. This allows for student exchange programs that offer opportunities for local students to get up close with the drone industry work being in Turkey.


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