Wearable Technology for Cashless Society

We have started paying using just a tap of our card, just a tap of our phone. Accessing and making transfer from your bank account just using your fingerprint. How about using your own body part to access or even make transfer?

Introducing Microchip Implant where a chip called Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) implanted into ones hand. There are many useful usages in using microchip implants such as storing medical information, personal details, access control over secure door or other type of mechanism or software but let’s talk about how it can be use in making transfer of currency.

The very first microchip implant carried out as early on 1998 and it continuously evolves aligned with the technology. The ability to just use your body part to make a currency transfer is just what we call the future. Microchip implant usually implanted in our skin on our hand for easy access to either tap or scans the microchip.

Cashless society is starting to become prominent and microchip implant will be the evolution of cashless society thus being able to do payment just with literally your hands might change how currency works in the future. Nevertheless, this revolutionary product that is going to be inside of our skin will be improve a lot since the existence of microchip implant we are vulnerable to computer virus as Mark Gasson a British scientist in 2010 have been infected with computer virus in his microchip implant, this shows another security enhancement needed for us to be able to use microchip implant in the future.

This wearable technology is definitely one of the most interesting technologies that improve our life for the future. Cashless society has been going on and moving forward the next level of cashless and wearable technology, microchip implant in our hands.


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