10 Tips to Build Branding for Small Business on Facebook

Small businesses are privately owned corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietorships that have fewer employees and/or less annual revenue than a regular-sized business or corporation.

As small business buds and grow slowly, there are few and longer steps are taken to build brandings.

  1. Business owners are the ambassador of their small business. For a small-scale business that focuses on B2C, business owners need to take care of their customers to maintain the customer base.
  2. Using our real names and legit website will help to build trust, especially on Facebook where it is easy to reach us.
  3. Maintain positive thoughts and postings on Facebook, because customers observe our online behavior. This will give a welcoming and warming impression for them if done correctly.
  4. If you use Facebook for business, then you have to maintain good postings or no posting at all.
  5. Avoid confrontation with customers on Facebook. Most customers will observe your online behavior in tackling issues and confrontation.
  6. Avoid uploading or updating customer’s private properties when you are visiting them. Respect their privacy, if needed, ask for permission.
  7. If your customers seem to pick up fights with you, try not to fight online. Discuss offline and talk to them personally.
  8. Use correct salutations for customers, even if they are your close friends. Don’t be rude to them.
  9. Communicate using full sentences and word, because customers will have hard time to understand what are you saying.
  10. Study the behavior of customers and what they like to read and share. Meaningful sharing will trigger building of fanbase!


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