5 Malaysian Industries Set to Boom in 2018
TL;DR – What are we expecting in 2018 for various industries in Malaysia? 

1. Electric Vehicles

With Malaysia spearheading the Southeast Asian region into the realm of energy efficient vehicles, Proton, the country’s second largest car maker, is set to create its own, brand new line of electric vehicles in conjunction with its sister company, Geely. Geely’s vice president and chief financial officer Daniel Donghui Li stated that a fully electric vehicle “is something that we will embrace, and Geely has embraced the technology,” “This is one of the highest reasons why Proton needs a strategic partner, as we can get immediate access to EV technology.” With Geely already manufacturing cars such as the fully electric Emgrand EV300, Proton can hold its head high as it delves into the process of providing Malaysian motorists with a cleaner, greener car at a reasonably affordable price.

2. Social Media Branding

Malaysians quickly caught on to the unabating influence of social media on marketing and advertising opportunities. As such, social media branding companies within the nation sprang up in tremendous numbers. 2018 will likely see companies such as Socialgrooves and Socialmediabeez solidifying their place within Malaysia’s digital marketing sphere as top competitors when it comes to creating brands and brand awareness. These companies offer services catering to everything from creating brand images, to drafting out advertising niches for their clients.

3. Ride/home sharing services

Despite setbacks caused by governmental bureaucracy, Malaysia’s ride/home sharing services is set to expand indefinitely within the country this year. With apps such as PinknGo already making headlines even as a nascent startup, and more individuals purchasing brand new automobiles with the intention of using them as Uber or GrabShare vehicles, this is an industry that is likely going to function as a powerful driving force within the Malaysian economy.

4. Food delivery providers

Local food delivery providers such as Dah Makan and Foodpanda have played an indispensable role in reducing the stresses involved with having to cook from raw ingredients, or for many others, having to drive long distances to find healthy, high quality meals. 2018 will play host to the growth of this industry as more blue and white collar workers start to choose food delivery services in place of eating at food outlets based purely on convenience and cost.

5. Automotive news & portals

The arrival of automotive websites such as Carsome and iCarAsia cemented the stereotype of how much Malaysians love their cars. Despite most of us being unable to afford anything other than a locally manufactured automobile, the vast majority of us certainly do love entertaining the thought of being able to own a Japanese or German thoroughbred machine. Where most Malaysians once turned to second-hand car dealers as their go to location for purchasing their preferred car, websites like Carsome.com have now digitized the sale of second hand cars thus practically eliminating the need for a physical car dealership. Many of its users also take great pleasure in being able to sell or purchase without having to fork out additional costs often set by the dealer in question.


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