Aidilftri 2018: What’s the Fashion Trend?

Aidilfitri season is back! Women’s fashion during these festive season has always been the capital of the celebration. What would be the trend of Aidilfitri fashion for women in 2018?

For Malay communities, batik design is a strong element incorporated in the attire. With new contemporary design of batik kebaya and kurung out there, Malay girls can now appear chic but traditional at the same time. One of the vendors that offer these designs for Aidilfitri is Luella.KL, where they offer designs and prices that make you shop at the first sight. They also has variety of sizes, for plus-sized women!

Men’s fashion also became the center of attention during Aidilfitri. Often that menswear is overlooked by designers, leading to non-sensical designs. On Zalora, men’s fashion is definitely grabbing attention. The incorporation of patterns and design in Baju Melayu is slowly growing and became trendy among Malaysian men. No fancy addition, but more towards looking playful and different for them. Lookout for the promotion on Zalora!

What’s your choice for this Aidilfitri?


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