Beli Beli 24

Beli Beli 24 is an online platform by Solaku Enterprise, founded in January 2014 by Mohd Hisham Khairul Nasir.

With mission to help businesses and communities grow, Beli Beli 24 have benefited SMEs and even established franchises in Sibu and Bintulu in a short one year term. Beli Beli 24 had a vendor who had just reached his 10,000th booking on 15th January 2018 after joining us for 10 months. Their hassle-free policy is welcomed by both vendors and customers as they keep the recruitment and booking processes short and simple.

Their introduction of the online booking apart from the delivery is gradually gaining traction as the public begins to accept BeliBeli24 delivers products and allows one to make a booking online. The online booking feature allows users to book appointments, make table reservations, find a grass-cutter, rent a car, etc.

Beli Beli 24 is one of the winner for 1MET Plugged-in Jakarta.


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