Big Ideas and Opportunities in Biotechnology

“When a scientist has a technology in hand, the journey of entrepreneurship can be extremely challenging,” said Filipo Bosco, founder and CEO of BluSense Diagnostics during Let’s Jam at GEM 17: Big Ideas and Opportunities in Biotechnology.

In December 2017, BluSense Diagnostics, with their pioneering piece of technology called Blubox, won ColossusINNO2017: a global competition created by the Global Entrepreneurship Movement. This diminutive piece of equipment  enables the accurate diagnosis of dengue and Zika viral infections using just a single drop of blood. Combining bio-marker quantification with portability, affordability and ease of use, BluSense point-of-care products are designed to help healthcare organisations  increase their diagnostics capacity, and to monitor, control and manage viral outbreaks.

The event also played host to a meticulously selected scientific panel who came together to unravel how biotechnology and entrepreneurship walk hand in hand. Moderated by Datuk Md Zubir Ansori Yahya, CEO of Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad, the panel included Prof Rofina Yasmin, Director of University Malaya Centre of Innovation and Commercialisation, Dr Mahaletchumy Arujanan, Executive Director of Malaysia Biotechnology Information Centre, Dr Mohd Shuhaizam Mohd Zain, CEO of Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation, Ben Wong, Executive Director, Hopematic Sdn Bhd, and Filipo Bosco.

Prof Rofina Yasmin brought to light the potential and ability of the facilities within the university to encourage graduates to be more involved in biotechnology. “We should make full use of this university; the talents and facilities, that our students may  be able to be part of future innovations,” she said.

As biotechnology is part of everyday life, innovation is important to accelerate industry growth.  Dr Mahaletchumy also placed tremendous emphasis on communicating with the economic ecosystem if we are going to be able to solve problems within the industry.

Biotechnology opportunities are expanding everyday via research, and the searing passion from people in the industry. More than that, it creates even more opportunities for young graduates. “The Biotechnology industry will create more jobs. When you get involved, that’s when you create more jobs,” said Dr. Shuhaizam.


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