Co-labs: Uniquely Designed for Aspiring Community

Nestled among the exquisitely regal décor of 200-year-old Chengal wood refurbished from an old shoe factory in Klang, is a hidden gem among the coworking space in Klang Valley; Co-labs, headed by its young and energetic director, Benjamin Teo.

Benjamin has been with the parent company of Co-labs, Paramount Corporation, for 7 years. Fully utilising his time and experience with the established property development corporation, he aspires to change the way Malaysians experience their working culture through coworking spaces.

The way working experience is perceived has seen rapid, constantly evolving change and 2015-2016 saw a boom in local coworking spaces and their offerings. Gone are the days of shoebox rooms and restricting cubicles. Future employers need to adapt with a fresh new way of engaging the massive incoming influx of Gen Y and Gen Z employees entering the workforce, who expect a certain lifestyle: to get work done but also to have a healthy balance of fun and connect with other people.

Co-labs, guided by its ethos of sustainability, aims to be the harbinger of a new era of working culture in Malaysia. The space includes a vertical garden, of which vegetables and herbs grown and harvested sustainably are given freely to its members upon each harvest. Co-labs also applies the same sustainability ethos with its people’s development. Through regular event hosting and get-togethers such as monthly potlucks, Co-labs hopes to give its members a platform to share ideas between them and improve themselves which in turn helps foster sustainable companies within their internal ecosystem.

Today, their inaugural space in Utropolis Marketplace, which offers three monthly membership packages, has reached its 80% capacity and warmly welcomes more members. A prospective member has the option of choosing between Hotdesking, Fixed Desk and an Office Suite within their 4,000 sqf space. Daily/weekly passes are also available during weekdays and should you ever need an event space & meeting room, Co-labs offers rentals which are available throughout the week for members and public alike!

Having won the Coworkers Members’ Choice Awards in the Shah Alam area this year, Co-labs is set to advancing even further. With a brand-new flagship space of 20,000 sqf in Starling Mall opening in Q3 of 2018, Co-labs will certainly shake up the coworking culture in Malaysia.


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