Connecting Desire with Experience

Imagine a world where tourists and casual holiday goers can look forward to a vacation free from exorbitant tourist fees, overpriced goods, and eateries that seem to be patronized only by other tourists. That’s the world that TRIIP intends to create.

After graduating with a Master’s Degree in International Marketing Management, Stacey Lee began her professional life as a make-up artist before starting her very own e-commerce company, aptly named Poshies Ladies. Her favorite past time? Traveling the world! But, like millions of other tourists, she found herself in a cycle of tiresome activities carried out by self-professed “tourist guides” that she’d hire for her trips. That’s when she discovered

A pioneering app in the world of tourism and travel, is a platform that connects people who desire to experience local culture with those who are looking at offering specially designed tours that focus on local cultural experiences. Through their experiences, by booking a tour on, guests and tour operators build real connections with real people from all over the globe.

Stacy loved the idea so much that she joined the company as CSO. She’d had a revelation when, during a trip to Hong Kong, was stunned when her ‘tour creator’ brought her to surreal mountain ranges that she could hike on. It was something she’d never seen on websites or heard from tour operators!

But what exactly sets apart from your dime-a-dozen tourist guides? If you’ve ever been on a paid tour, you’ll probably notice that almost every location you convene at seems to be flooded with other foreign tourists. That’s because most paid tour operators bring tourists to places that they THINK tourists want to go instead of the places that locals go to on a regular basis. Why is that important? Well, with websites like Agoda and Hostel Bookers, most tourists with internet access can quite easily make their way to more common tourist destinations.  Small cafes, traditional clothing stores, and cozy hideouts? That’s an experience that is sharing with the world.


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