Decision Labs

CEMPIA stands for Customers Experience Management Platforms for Insights and Actions. A Multi-channel, Multi-lingual, Digital Patient Experience Management Platform, it assists healthcare professionals in understanding Patient Experience at every touch point in hospitals.

When a patient walks into a hospital, they often face a series of experiences; CEMPIA ensures that the patient’s experience is free from discomfort and if it isn’t, CEMPIA has the capacity to resolve any such issues in real time. and they ensure that the patient’s experience is perfect and if anything isn’t perfect, they’ll solve it in real time. CEMPIA was founded by Anupam Chaterjee.

Founded by Anupam Chaterjee in 2014, he first took the plunge and started an earlier company called TheDecisionLabs. It performed analytics, mathematical modelling and abit of digital technology. After attaining a few of his friends from his days at MIB and a close colleague a year after that, he was convinced it was time to begin their venture. After tearing through a few ideas and projects, the company realised none of these things were paying due dividends; until they happened on an idea through patient experience.

Chaterjee states that CEMPIA’s potential in Malaysia, Southeast Asia and the rest of the world is tremendous.
They are also exploring their connections in the medical sector and how they can take it to the next level. Chaterjee is keen on looking into how medical tourism might be one of the fields that they can also venture into because in the company’s initial stages, Chaterjee envisioned setting up a company that would forge partnerships with hospitals around Asia; a truly global world class medical tourism company out of Kuala Lumpur.


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