Digital Transformation through Gamification

Jason and J-son, the two founders of Gameka has a bucket list with two items pertaining business: the first is to set up a game development company and secondly, to open a restaurant. And thus, Gameka was born, with a tagline of “Serious fun is serious business”. Gameka aspires to produce games worthy of the AAA title here in their country of origin; Malaysia. Today, Gameka has strategically pivoted towards changing the way corporate goals are achieved through “gamification”.

Gamification, in simple terms, is changing the way corporate goals are achieved by changing it into the format of a game, complete with a leaderboard and in-game challenges. Gamification is an innovative and cost-effective way to disseminate culture and training to a large workforce when compared to traditional classroom training. This means that corporations now enjoy a more productive workforce that also feel rewarded and satisfied. Gameka is strengthening the bond between corporate growth and the staff that form their foundation with Gamification. For the gamification division, Gameka focuses on driving employee engagement and productivity in the office by implementing game design elements.

Despite being on the forefront of digital technological advancement, the two founders face entrepreneurial challenges common to all businesses, startups or mom and pop shops alike. When asked on how the two founders overcome these challenges among their daily operations, J-son shared, “Persistence is in my blood. Once a close friend came to me and said “if there is anything good about you, it’s that you don’t know how to give up!!” I have always been extremely persistent when it comes to whatever I do. That persistence has helped me in more situations than I can count”.

With a wry grin, Jason added “I always tell J-son and as a reminder to myself that we need to appreciate our small victories as we go along. It’s not always going to be smooth sailing but look where we are today. From hacking things together in J-son’s apartment to our first office and now shifting into a bigger place in Bangsar South. Sure, we may get setbacks, but we keep pushing and keep moving forward”.

Having recently been selected as part of the TENxCLUB among numerous other inspiring start-ups, Gameka is set on bigger visions for their long-term goals. Among others, they wish to build a global electronic gaming company and to one day see people playing Gameka games or using Gameka software anywhere around the world.

J-son puts it simply as, “Yeah, one thing we want to do is to be able to travel anywhere around the world and see someone enjoying our games, whether in an airport, café, their home or anywhere. I plan to lean over and say “A Malaysian company made that, guess who?”.


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