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A shout out to all budding entrepreneurs out there! Whether you are taking your first baby steps or almost clinching your first 100,000 unit sales, take a leap further and start realising your own business empire by discovering a hidden GEM in the big waves of entrepreneurial ocean!

Backed by the Global Entrepreneurship Movement (GEM), the coveted GEM Magazine aspires to be your personalised entrepreneurial media platform with remarkable editorial scoops on existing and new businesses that can possibly exist. From being an avid home baker to running your own clothing business among the online fashionistas or the fashionista wannabes!

Being a GEM, the layout and look of feel of the online magazine exude simplicity at its best for your reading pleasure.

Despite being a new kid on the block; launched in September 2017, GEM Magazine is a unique online magazine that furnishes a great fusion of traditional yet innovative, thought provoking articles that intelligently share and discuss contemporary entrepreneurial fundamentals, skills, learnings & know-hows. The articles are produced by a diverse range of experienced niche writers with consultation from the industry experts.

In addition, it also delivers latest trends, insights and breakthroughs in local and global business and reveals the stimulating business tips and tricks to become street-smart entrepreneurs! Your reading exhilaration continues as the magazine also inspires you to articulate the secret recipe for your corporate vs product branding, conventional vs digital marketing as well the outstanding and personalised messaging and communication to set your business apart from your rivals.

What’s more, the GEM magazine also shares the latest insights on the up-and-coming disruptive business trends which are swiftly replacing the current technology and shaking up the industries to help your business stand out in the eyes of your diverse range of stakeholders. Indulge yourselves with all the tips and tools, captivating real life stories from the best gurus and founders all over the world. Be more resourceful, get inspirations from their success stories and even motivate yourselves from the let-downs and challenges they faced to be where they are today.

In keeping abreast with the digital economy; the focus of established and emerging world economies, GEM Magazine is also written for the most progressive start-up founders, e-commerce enthusiasts within the ecosystem utilizing the cutting-edge technology, wonders of mobile apps and the elasticity of the Internet of Things (IoT) for their business growth. This, in turn will help entrepreneurs like you to transcend beyond traditional, confined setup of your dull, cookie – cutter office, igniting vibrant and professional conversations within a digital environment that leads to your own business transformation to a whole new level.

Get ready to discover the hidden GEM.

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