Drones + When To Use Them

Drone technology enables types of photography and videography that were previously only available to those willing and able to rent a helicopter. Aerial photography offers unique perspectives and options to individuals, brands, or businesses.

The Best Way To Increase Production Value

As an art director, it is your responsibility to make a production the best that it can be. While having good camera angles and a powerful story is important, it won’t necessarily awe the audience in the same way a drone does. However, with the continued expansion of drones on the market, it has become overused in a lot of content because there is a certain level of novelty with using drone footage.

Many start flying drones and just capture footage in the most basic of ways. What most don’t realize, there are some simple ways to improve your footage and add greater value to your projects.

The Best Way To Use A Drone

When filming with drones, the first thing you want to do is record in 30fps in most situations. When the footage is slowed down to 24fps, it gives the viewer a surreal look that can engage them in a compelling way.

Think before you fly. Compose every shot as you envision it fitting into the timeline. By having shots that flow, it makes the drone shots seem like it is part of the story, not just an addition to the project.

You also want to always shoot in 4k if you can. This is not because you will publish in 4K, but because it allows you to fix composition in post. When the pressure is on and you have to get the perfect shot, cropping and zooming while not losing quality will make sure that you nail it.

Fly Safely

Before flying, you must be careful that you are flying in airspace that is safe and approved. While most software will now alert you if you are in protected airspace, it is always safer to double check. Drone flying is becoming increasingly prohibited across many beautiful spots to film. This is due to many acting irresponsibly and abusing the gift of drones. So whenever you fly, try to make sure you fly safely and in approved areas.

Drone Reel

Whether you are using a reel to get more clients or just to show off some of the footage that you have shot, it is always fun to put together a reel of your work. Below is my drone work and some of the great places I have been able to fly a drone. Enjoy!


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