Previously a furniture designer and interior designer himself, Frank Wong saw that the industry lacked a one stop platform for their many woes back in the day. Interior designers often face difficulties with renovation and interior ideas, there was a vacuum in a solution that was all under the same roof. Thus, the idea for Furmingo formed and it aims to pinpoint what exactly the furnishing market needs and create a one-stop platform to integrate all the industry’s needs. After all, Furmingo itself is short for Furnishing with Minimum Effort and Ready to Go!

Furmingo began with a 2-man team consisting of Frank and his partner, and has now spanned into a team of 10 made up of personnel from marketing, project, design, coding, executive and accounts. In its inception, Frank knew that he cannot feasibly ensure the start-up’s continuity by depending on the software alone to generate revenue. Hence, Furmingo truly started with the concept of e-renovation.

What is e-renovation and how has it revolutionised the way interior designing is done? Firstly, Furmingo aims to be as transparent as possible with every aspect of its business, especially in terms of pricing. With its e-renovation service, they publish a transparent and fixed price for renovations done onto a house or building and the price includes furnishings, cabinets and furnitures along with service and labour costs. Currently available in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Penang as well as Johor Bahru, Furmingo is still looking for main partners to collaborate with in other Malaysian main cities! The e-renovation segment of the business has helped to generate significant cash which was then redirected for the R&D of the software.

As for the software which is still currently in Beta mode, it aims to simplify and streamline the process of interior designing. With it, designing a room can get as easy as using “add and drop” features onto the furniture available on the software (with collaboration on catalogs from Ashley, Luzini, Lorenzo). One year on since its pre-launch in early 2017, 300 interior designers have signed up and are running test runs on the software. Frank is working diligently with his team to consistently make the User Interface more friendly for consumers including laymen without a background in design and previous experience with any CAD programmes.

No business is forever smooth-sailing and Furmingo is no stranger to bumps along the road in realising the full potential of the programme. They find it challenging to find more Senior Unity Developers from the local talent pool and outsourcing it to Unity developers abroad has been marred with language barriers and incompatibility with their personal goals for the programme. However, with Frank’s favourite motto “Success will come when you believe, commit and don’t give up”, Furmingo is right on track and geared for a strong future ahead.

With the dream of horizontally integrating all the processes involved in the design industry, Frank is certain that Furmingo is on the right track and their focus should remain on retaining active users while ensuring 20-30% of their users continue from using the programme to utilising their renovation services as well, as a means of generating revenue two-fold. Furmingo is currently looking for funding to expand and will be a game changer in the interior design industry in the recent future.


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